Custom Adventure Vans

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About American Crafters Inc

Who we are

American Crafters Inc. is a van conversion company with passion for building tiny homes on wheels and helping people achieve their dreams of outdoors travel. We offer supreme van conversions providing the best off-roading experience and thrill of adventure with the necessary accessories to be home away from home.

Each van conversion is a signature of true craftsmanship from the fine bespoke upholstery to comfort and roof racks. From the interior fashioning combining the latest devices to the nifty custom-made features, every conversion underscores quality and performance without compromise.

We make custom vans for people who want fresh air, fresh scenery, and total freedom. American Crafters Inc delivers craftsmanship and functionality at a reasonable price. Every van is created with the intention of liberating the adventurer to explore endlessly. So, whether it’s a weekend away or weeks of discovery, we have the tech and skills to design and build you a rig that makes the trip memorable.

What we do

We build custom vans that take adventure to a whole new level. Our tiny, custom-made homes on wheels guarantee a personalized fit, finish and performance surpassing your aesthetic and function needs. Our designers and engineers configure a van that is everything you’ve dreamt of. We handle the entire van build; supplying van dwellers with purpose built custom vans outfitted and upfitted with interior elements and exterior enhancements.

We'll help you pick your van's fabrics, cabinet finishes, countertop material, interior and exterior options, new rims and tires, custom floorplans, off-roading essentials and more. From extra cooled/heated seats and exterior accessories to more cargo space and more lighting, every van is designed to match your unique needs and lifestyle.

We build vans that make going off-grid and reconnecting with the environment an adventure canvassed in comfort and performance. We have customized rig designs for your dream van with suggestions for layouts you can personalize into the adventure of your dreams. No design yet? We’ll help you make one.

How we do it

Every van owner has a new feature, a new look or a redesign on top of their van conversion wishlist. Our design team works with the van owner to create and draw up the design and concept they have including the components list and layout that blends perfectly with the van.

Then comes the part we’re most excited about, creating. From the layout to system essentials, our professional van conversion designers take the time to understand your wants, needs and budget restrictions before choosing best final layout and stylistic details. After the preliminary design is agreed on, we bundle in the appropriate systems (electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling) taking into consideration the physical attributes of the van.

We start from the ground up, reinforcing the structure and suspension of the vehicle to support what comes next. We make the van tougher, stronger and quieter with sound dampening and temperature adapting insulation. All this is done with a compulsively obsessive attention to detail and customer satisfaction. Customer comfort is our business and any new systems you had in mind, we’ll install them safely and up to your requirements.

Our van conversion engineers are masters of their art. Your van will be designed and built by people who love the outdoors, have been there and know what’s really needed. Everything you want is designed in house and made to fit and last. We use materials guaranteed to withstand the roughest and toughest conditions and terrains. From racks to custom additions, everything is a combination of form, function and comfort.

While on the road in your van, you want to feel like there’s no place you’d rather be, our upholstery team goes the extra mile to create bespoke seat upholstery from a variety of fabric and unique designs that holds up in any environment.


Our team

American Crafters Inc. is a van conversion company with 3 decades of experience building custom cars and motorcycles. We are a team of skilled, creative, productive and experienced van conversion professionals excited about creating exceptional rigs and testing the limits of design. I have worked at West Coast Choppers, featured on several TV shows, magazines and the biker build off. My greatest passion and satisfaction lie in building custom things for the outdoor environment and travelling.

American Crafters Inc was built on my passion for creating. We work based on your specific budget, taste and lifestyle. Our suggested configurations will help determine the layout, interior design, color scheme and accessories best suited for you and your rig without compromising quality, van capabilities and customer satisfaction.